Nov 19, 2018


Have you ever sought to award your gift supply order to a Marketer whose phone kept beeping and buzzing with messages and calls? And no sooner had he walked away with your gift order in one arm, did he reach for his phone with the other seeking to close out on a deal with yet another client. Did his brazen philandering leave you wondering if your gift order was of any priority to him at all?

Yes, such is the nature of Marketers needed to ensure they meet their set targets. This is the reason your gift vendor should have a Marketing Operations Analyst.

Like a modern Defensive Midfielder (DM) in a Soccer team, the Marketing Operations Analyst at Colouredspaces often sits deep and away from the front line of the marketing field, yet at the heart of all operations required to supply your branded gift items. Like a DM, he must have the vision to capture all field marketing activities, the invention to support with insightful information and the drive to ensure the execution of all client projects.

What really would a Marketing Operations Analyst do for your business? you may still wonder.

  1. DATA GATHERING: A marketing Operations Analyst creates a Data Base to capture all client gift orders with the objective of ensuring that the supply of every gift item is tracked from production to Invoicing as well as meets your delivery timeline ahead of your events, marketing promotions and activation.
  2. INTEGRATES ALL COMPANY UNITS TO DELIVER CLIENT ORDERS: A Marketing Operations Analyst ensures the company adopts an integrated approach in delivering on your gift items. From liaising with the Account Department on new orders to initiate procurement financing, to following up on the Procurement department to ascertain production status and ultimately working with the logistics team on delivery of gift items, he ensures your gift vendor consolidates her efforts in delivering your gift items.
  3. PROVIDES PROMPT CLIENT FEED BACK: The Marketing Operations Analyst assists your Accounts Managers in providing feed back to you when they are temporarily unavailable, hence keeping you assured and updated on the status of your ordered gift items.

In essence, your gift items order is the priority of the Marketing Operations Analyst at Colouredspaces.

So like Pinky, you may like to ask me “Hey Alyst, what will you do tomorrow?” and like Brain I’ll answer “the same thing I do every day – making your promotional gift business my business”

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