Dec 04, 2018


Giving Gifts is the master key to success, in all applications of human life.”- Bryant McGill.
It’s not enough to give gift, but when you give the gift that matters it changes the game. Everyone loves Gift. So do everyone loves promotional items, the concept and creativity behind them makes you stay in people’s mind.

 We know that you struggle to keep your company top of your customer’s minds daily and that can require humor in your day! I don’t know a marketer who isn’t reviewing their impressions/lead data or a sales executive who isn’t looking at retention numbers – All the Time.

Simple Process you may need to create such Awesome Products!

1. FA (Fine Art/Artwork): it’s a creative art, especially visual art which depict the concept of the promotional product a client wants or the ones you proposed to them. As simple as this is, it determines the whole project. When you get this wrong! Oops! You get it all wrong. So ensure you know the item measurements, brand space, colour.

2. Prototype (Sample): is an early sample, model of a promotional product built act as what to be produced. Safety measures makes you live longer, or what do you think? Well, what I mean is simple, when an error goes wrong on the sample. It cost less to make corrections and also less time. Even though it may not be compulsory you go this route, but it’s advisable you do. It would be nice to be shot in the toe and survive, rather than shot in the chest and you dead. Just saying!

3. Brand Consistency: Your logo is purple on one shirt, in green italics on your mugs, yet glossy & another shade of green on your company signs. Who are you?
Always keep to your Brand Identity (From Colours to Fonts). Know your brand colour codes from Pantones to CYMKs to RGBs. Note Your brand identity is who you are.

4. Trendy and Functional: You’ve used the same item at your annual trade show, it seems, since the first promotional product was introduced (commemorative buttons) in 1789 when George Washington was elected president! Boring! And items used at your back to school, using the same promotional item at your conference! Don’t deal like that.
The creative/marketing team should work always follow trends and know what’s current and useful. Always use new container for new wine.

As simple and brief as this may be, this will make your work seamless, fast and perfect. I bet you will thank me later for it.

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