Jun 23, 2018


A key challenge in marketing is to determine the motivation that steers buyers in a certain direction.

How does this affect Promotional Products?

There is a wide variety of promotional products ranging from Apparels, bags, writing instrument and so on. There are a lot of similar products, in fact some are basically the same thing with a few tweaks here and there. We tend to wonder why do people pick a certain product over the other? Do they choose certain things out of habit or do their emotions influence their purchase decisions?

Research shows that mostly price and quality are the determinant factor in influencing a purchase decision. What happens when price and quality do not differ? The individual’s emotional thinking comes to play.

People tend to make Purchase decisions not on rational reasoning but on what appeals to their senses and emotions.

What does this mean?

Buyers will normally gravitate towards things that warm their heart, your product maybe wonderful but if the buyer does not see how it can personally, specifically be beneficial to them, it will not get past the first pitch.

Emotional reasoning is highly individualistic and depends on the person making the decision. This means that even if a promotional product fits into the purpose of the event, as long as it doesn’t resonate with the company representative it most likely will not be noticed.

Do you agree that emotional thinking drives purchase decision, share your thoughts below.

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